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I believe we are all on a journey. Everything we do, our wins-losses, successes, and failures are all part of the adventure. These are the life lessons the shape us into who we become as we teach the world through our stories.

Donnie's Success Champions are Ordinary People, Entrepreneurs, Veterans, First Responders, Business Owners and visionaries that have a story to tell. These champions are pure awesome plain and simple. Enjoy their stories as we all continue on our journey.

Dec 25, 2018

In this very special episode, you will hear the Christmas stories from fans and guests of the show.

Christmas is a magical time the lights, the trees, the family I love everything about Christmas. Especially giving presents and watching peoples faces when they see what they got.

Enjoy these awesome people as they share...

Dec 21, 2018

Ever been to a conference and got all fire up and ready to rock? Then you get home, and the flame is gone?

In this episode of Fridays with Donnie it's all about stepping into your fire and taking risks.

It is not just the actions you take it's about taking big enough risks that you actually evolve into something...

Dec 20, 2018

Johnny Rock is an actor known for roles in the TV series"Have and Have Nots", Movies The Expendables, I love you Philip Morris, and the Disaster movie. 

Johnny was born in Jacksonville Florida. He grew up in New Orleans La where he became a stand up comedian at the age of 18 years old.

In 1984 he was a finalist in...

Dec 19, 2018

Terry Maynard is the founder of a fairly diverse company, Pitch and Rudder, LLC that makes all kinds of awesome stuff!

Known for Challenge Coins and Belt buckles, we make 5K medals, fidget spinners, Patches and a ton of other loveys!

PnR was Officially founded in 2016, but they've been making coins, selling them out of...

Dec 18, 2018

Josh Costner grew up in a military/government family, spending the first several years of life in the San Fransisco bay area, then moving frequently across the country with his family, as his father's duty stations changed.

While the family environment was very ideal and loving, his parents split when he was in his late...