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I believe we are all on a journey. Everything we do, our wins-losses, successes, and failures are all part of the adventure. These are the life lessons the shape us into who we become as we teach the world through our stories.

Donnie's Success Champions are Ordinary People, Entrepreneurs, Veterans, First Responders, Business Owners and visionaries that have a story to tell. These champions are pure awesome plain and simple. Enjoy their stories as we all continue on our journey.

Aug 28, 2018

Hip Hop Artist, Actor & Model Keon Torres, Born & Raised December 17, 1991 in Harlem World New York City who brings a versatile style with his charm & charisma when he delivers as an overall entertainer.

His debut album "1412" available now on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, TIDAL etc. is what he calls his greatest masterpiece by delivering different sounds & feelings.

He performed many high caliber shows with his DJ, DJ Smilez performing 45 minutes to 1 hour sets without breaking a sweat. Far as acting & being a public figure personality goes he appeared on MTV's Summer in the city interviewing A$AP MOB, appeared on 50 Cent's show 50 Central, started recently working on many upcoming Netflix shows, Truth anti tobacco commercials & many other projects. Keon Torres' passion, ambition & strive is like no other. Realistic Verbalize


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