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I believe we are all on a journey. Everything we do, our wins-losses, successes, and failures are all part of the adventure. These are the life lessons the shape us into who we become as we teach the world through our stories.

Donnie's Success Champions are Ordinary People, Entrepreneurs, Veterans, First Responders, Business Owners and visionaries that have a story to tell. These champions are pure awesome plain and simple. Enjoy their stories as we all continue on our journey.

Sep 27, 2018

At only eighteen years old, Miha Matlievski found himself well on his way to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Just twelve years later, his hard work led him to four successful businesses with a net worth of 15M USD. On December 7, 2009, the tables turned. An unexpected call brought his world crashing down around him. One negative event after another created an avalanche of ruin. What started with the bank’s decision to foreclose the investments Miha had tied up in real estate would two weeks later lead to four once successful companies being bankrupted. The devastation was catastrophic. Miha couldn’t believe it; his greatest assets, 15M USD, became a collective debt of 5M USD. Though he did what he could to stay positive, nothing seemed to work in his favor. Completely lost, his depression skyrocketed. His permanent state of anxiety got the best of him, and constantly held him captive. Anything from a text message to even a stranger walking by seemed to push him over the edge. He was afraid to meet people, as he knew there were many he owed an abundant amount of money too. Some went as far as sending him death threats. He couldn’t see a clear future for himself; there was no light at the end of the tunnel. All he wanted was silence. By the end of 2010, he’d come to the conclusion that he couldn’t keep living in such a constant state of inner turmoil. The thought of suicide crawled through his mind and would not dare leave. And so he romanticized the thought of suicide so much that he was literally ready to throw himself over his balcony railings. Overcome with desperation, he yelled, “You failed!” It was at that moment the thought of his mother arose; she would be the next in line to assume his debts. He knew he couldn’t allow her to take on the evidence of his failure. Initially, it was the word “you” that showed him that his situation was his fault. He found himself enlightened and finally stopped blaming others for his shortcomings. A night of desperation had taken him back to his humble beginnings. He was ready to start fresh. His “ah-ha!” moment made him realize that his days of being outnumbered slowly had transitioned into him outworking them, thus learning to embrace his failure and begin anew. This time, it would be on his terms. Miha took charge of his own life once again. In 2014, he was able to build a new startup, growing it from $0 USD to 8 Figures in less than a year. He was able to prove to himself and others that he could learn from his past. As the story went viral in Slovenia, many publications approached him, and he is now known as The Fail Coach. Nowadays, Miha helps entrepreneurs around the world embrace a healthy relationship with failure. He also helps them reach a higher level of success. For him, leaving a legacy is about the emotional side of how you can go broke and still come out of it alive. To learn from those failures is a reward of itself.

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