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I believe we are all on a journey. Everything we do, our wins-losses, successes, and failures are all part of the adventure. These are the life lessons the shape us into who we become as we teach the world through our stories.

Donnie's Success Champions are Ordinary People, Entrepreneurs, Veterans, First Responders, Business Owners and visionaries that have a story to tell. These champions are pure awesome plain and simple. Enjoy their stories as we all continue on our journey.

Jan 22, 2019

Today I am an Entrepreneur, Influencer, and Life & Business Coach helping people achieve their dreams and maximize their potential so they can live happy and fulfilling lives.

It is my passion to share the exact process that radically transformed me from a past filled with abuse and trauma to living an authentic and passionate life today.

To cope with my childhood abuse, I dove into my schoolwork as a way to escape my reality at home.

After receiving undergraduate, MBA, and law school degrees from Cornell University, I spent several years working on Wall Street in various banking and hedge fund roles.

To the outside person, I seemed “successful” on the surface, but deep down I was depressed and anxious.

This situation came to a peak when I woke up one day to find my live-in girlfriend gone, my Wall Street boss firing me, and my brother in the hospital.

I was 25 at the time, and with my world crashing down around me, I did the only thing I could.

I headed straight to the Self-Improvement section at my local Barnes and Noble and ultimately began studying 1-on-1 under the training of top experts, many of whom were authors of these books, to find answers.

After years of studying, research, and deep psychological work in this new field, I left Wall Street for good to pursue my passion as a high-performance personal life and business coach.

Thus,, The Brendan Burns Show on iTunes and @brendanhburns on Instagram were born.

It is an online community where I help people maximize their lives.

I share all of my best business and self-development tools, to help you achieve high levels of success, fulfillment, and most importantly, happiness.

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