3 Mindset Rules For Unfuckwithable Success

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Shifting your energy when you’re stuck in negativity can be challenging, however, there are many ways to do it. It’s mostly about remembering to do it.

In life and business, 1) It is what you think it is, 2) It’s all about being aware of what you think and believe, and 3) With awareness you get a choice to practice something more helpful.

If you apply these three truths to everything you’re struggling with you’ll see that you have a lot more control over your struggles (or successes) than you think. It’s all about the awareness you practice and master. It’s all about taking responsibility for everything you think, say and do, moment to moment, every single day.

It might feel overwhelming as you wake up to the fact that you and only you have full responsibility for your own success or failure. Only you have the power to make your dreams and vision come true. If you decide it’s easier to complain, blame, avoid or procrastinate your way through the obstacles: game over.

Truth is, there’s a crap ton of freedom in taking full responsibility for your mindset and your success. Bad news is that you are responsible for everything. Good news is you’re responsible for everything! And you can make anything happen.

It Is What You Think It Is

Have you slowed down long enough to watch your thoughts, especially when you’re thinking you’re right? There’s a funny thing about thinking. Whatever you think is the way it is. And if that thought has any negativity attached to it, you’ll be creating more of that energy as you think the thought. It really takes some badass levels of awareness to question our own thoughts and beliefs. I promise this will be a game-changer. Question everything you believe that is negative or limiting.

It’s All About Awareness

Everything is about awareness, all day long. Everything you want, everything you crave, everything you dream of, everything you hope for and envision; it’s all about being aware of the thoughts, beliefs and actions you’re practicing every moment of every day.

What if you could be a ninja at this awareness game? What if you not only challenged your limiting beliefs but started replacing them with thoughts, beliefs and affirmations that support your vision? Every single time you catch yourself in a negative or limiting thought or belief you have a moment of opportunity. So, get really good at this. Make mindset your practice, your mastery…and watch how the world unfolds magically before your eyes.

With Awareness You Get a Choice

When you’re aware, you’ve done the hard part. The next part is another level of badassery. What do you do when you’re aware you’re thinking, believing or acting in a way that limits you? Do you let yourself dwell there? Do you find yourself getting stuck in a ruminating tornado of negativity? Do you feel depressed? Do you start talking doomsday talk?

What you do when you have awareness will not only change the game for you in terms of feeling better, it will help you create the energy that your biggest vision is made of. I call this flipping the switch. When I catch myself in a negative or limiting thought or belief I choose a tool to help me flip my mind-switch to positive, healthy, affirming, joyful or otherwise purposeful. Remember, this is all energy. If I can shift my energy, I can shift negativity to positivity. If I can shift my thoughts to something better, I set myself up for feeling better. When I feel better, my energy vibrates higher and I attract higher vibrating energy to me.

My friend Donnie and I call this Joy Stacking. Everyone is so good at stacking the misery; adding one negative thought after another and attracting more and more of that kind of energy. Let’s challenge ourselves to stack the joys instead; flipping our switch to love, hope, courage, inspiration, enthusiasm, or joy. Reach for a thought that feels better.

Shifting your energy when you’re stuck in negativity can be challenging, however, there are many ways to do it. It’s mostly about remembering to do it. It’s about the awareness you move through your day with. You can flip the switch by taking a walk, or a bath, petting your dog, talking to a friend, dancing, singing, writing poetry, exercising, punching a pillow, taking a nap…there are so many ways to shift the energy. And this is all about consciously shifting that energy.

It is what you think it is. So, what are you thinking today?

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