5 Tips to Grow Your Business the Smart Way

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Let’s explore some of the buzz words used, and help you be better set up the next time someone tries to sell you something you do not need.

I will admit that many salespeople will not like this article. However, this is something that has sat with me for a long time.

When I started my entrepreneurial journey, I set out to listen to all the “so-called gurus”. I wanted to know what they were promising, what they were charging and what they were delivering. They always promised the Moon, charged what it would cost to buy the galaxy and delivered something subterranean.

When selling they used buzz words like Passion, Purpose, Inspiration, Motivation, and Dedication. It sounded all new and shiny and it does grab people’s attention. However, when you look deeper, you learn that they were using a system called Neurolinguistics to trigger “yes” responses from you, to get you in the mood to say yes when they do their closing pitch. Now you are hooked, you have bought into the promises these people have promised you and you have not done one bit of research on them. You whip out your credit card, without giving a thought to where the money is going to come from to pay for this, but you must have it no matter how much it costs. You are simply driven by FOMO (Fear of Missing out).

Sadly, many people swipe their card with a guru, and never follow thru to get their money’s worth from them. For those who actually pursue what the guru offers, normally they are let down because it is never quite what they have promised. Even worse, most of the time the resource they have offered you is normally something your company doesn’t even need now, or ever!

So, let’s explore some of the buzz words they use, and help you be better set up the next time someone tries to sell you something you do not need.

The final piece of content:

When they ask you what you are passionate about, they are asking what is it that you have a strong and barely controllable emotion about. They want you thinking about these things because they want emotion to drive your spending.

When they ask you how being passionate about whatever you are passionate about inspires you to make an impact.  They are again getting your mental process focused on what all you can do with the product or service they are offering. You are now creatively daydreaming about how their resource will help your organization grow.

Then they transition to Purpose they tap into the fact that you are the only one that was created to do this, and only you can do this, and how you need their resource to grow.

They automatically know that when you leave you will have buyer’s remorse: it is a common thing. They then transition to using words like Motivation. This is their way to remind you of the reason or reasons, you have for buying their resource. They often have you opting into an ongoing program or service.

If you don’t step up to the plate, they will say that you are not Dedicated to passion or purpose.

Here is the deal…I’m not bashing all salespeople. Some of the best salespeople I know are not afraid to tell you that their resource is not right for you at this time. They will help you work within your means, mentally, emotionally, and financially.

I have watched so many new entrepreneurs be taken by unscrupulous people. I myself, have been taken by people who were either unscrupulous, or they simply overpromised and underdelivered either dues to lack of skill or lack of project management skills.

5 tips to grow your business the smart way:

  1. Be Dedicated to yourself and your mission 1st. NO ONE knows your mission or has your best interest at heart more than you do. Do not let others write the script for your story. Know your mission, forward and backward so that when others try to tell you their interpretation, you will know immediately if they are a valuable asset to you. It also helps you know who you might be a valuable asset to.
  2. Be Motivated to get your income up to certain levels before you “buy-in” to the next level of services people offer. I am not telling you to avoid buying; instead, set goals for yourself. Example: I want to sign 3 new clients into 6-month contracts before I buy this new software.
  3. Be Purposeful with your spending. When you invest the money, you also need to allocate time to explore how to use the new resource or send information to the vendor. If you are not going to have time in the next 2 weeks to start learning the new resource then DON’T BUY!!! By the time you go to use it the reason you bought it will have faded and you will not use it.
  4. Be Inspired by simple things. Don’t be afraid to KISS lots of things (KISS= Keep It Simple Stupid). Many times, the things we throw money at are out there on a free app or service. Don’t be afraid to use the free services, it does not mean you are not successful, it means you are cost-conscious.
  5. Be Passionate about saving, there are so many more ways to grow your bottom line than simply building your sales. Knowing what to spend and when to spend it will help you grow your bottom line. I have literally saved companies I worked for millions of dollars. It is amazing how many of us save the companies we work for money and squander our own money. Re-evaluate your spending by checking your subscriptions quarterly and cancel the ones you don’t use.

Today is the day! You have the power to make a difference in your own life. Be committed to growing your business the smart way.  

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