Announcing Success Champion Magazine!

This publication is curated with badass content from people who are in the trenches; battling every day in their given passion. You’ll hear stories from small business owners about their journey and their fight to freedom. They say freedom isn’t free and that’s true from the sacrifices of our badass military community as well as the entrepreneurs who go for it every single day. 

Developing and bringing Success Champion into the world has been a helluva ride. I didn’t realize how much I’d discover about myself along the way. I’ve been punched hard in the face by life, but I’m still here. I’ve been on the brink of calling it quits, but I’m still here.  

And I had no idea how rewarding building out a Facebook group would be. I also had no idea that this same group would help me figure out my business, structure my programs and create a family of badasses that are rising together.  

Because of the group Success Champion Magazine was born! For the first edition we polled the group and asked what they wanted most. Although a lot of things were discussed, motivation rose to the top of the list. The September issue is all about the motivation in you and behind the things you do in your business. You’ll read stories about the motivation required for outsourcing, writing, social media, and technology as well as what motivation is in general.  

You’ll also get to read stories each month from the members of the Success Champion group and hear about their journeys. These are inspiring, amazing stories and I can’t wait to share them with you. I’m excited to bring you these badasses, their knowledge, and genuine passion for what they do. Thanks for being a Champion! This magazine is for you. 

Founding Badass,