Keep It Simple Silly (KISS) Motivation

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Take simple words and their meanings, and implement into your daily life.

Being very busy and going out of my mind most days working to be a successful business owner I work to keep everything as simple as possible.  Many ask me how I stay motivated.  Honestly, it is a daily struggle.  I appreciate the compliments, but behind the scenes, I am as mixed-up as chop suey.  My husband is witness to my madness for the last 40 years, which I consistently tell him “there is a means to my madness.”  I would say having an excellent support system, my husband helps a lot.  Here is a simple puzzle for you to use to engrain the many words you should refer to when trying to motivate yourself to accomplish those HUGE ENTREPRENEURIAL CHALLENGES.

Motivation combines the incentive to create enthusiasm to spur ideas together with the impulse to use your energy to make all your wish a reality.

Don’t make it complicated.  Take simple words and their meanings, and implement into your daily life.  When faced with a problem look at these words and do your own self-talk.  What do I need to spur to keep myself going?  Spur is outgrowth, branch, offshoot how do you create that in my motivation to keep myself going?  Ask yourself the questions and kick yourself is the behind.  As we say in the Badass Brigade, “What Would Donnie Do.”  Just asking yourself that question should get you motivated, but if it doesn’t, I trust these simple words together with the KISS method will help you become all you ever dreamed of.

Motivation – impetus, impulse provocation, inspiration, purpose, goal

Incentive – encouragement, spur, reason

Enthusiasm – eagerness, interest, passion, zeal, zest, fire

Spur – outgrowth, branch, offshoot

Impulse – desire, urge, wish, yearning, instinct

Energy – vigor, liveliness, oomph, dynamism, vivacity

Wish – craving, desire, hope yearning, craving

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