Mindset on Social Media

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From a business perspective, when you come in with a bad mindset it can really affect people’s view of you, sales, and their mindset.

If you would have told me Mindset was important 5 years ago or that Mindset on Social Media was important, I would have totally laughed in your face. I was that person that would post all the negativity and drama that went on in my life. I did it to seek attention at the time, but I had no clue what I was doing was affecting my business negatively. Now I tend to unfollow those who are constantly posting the negative and drama. It brings my mindset down. Misery loves company and now that I am not miserable any more it is hard to stay in that company.

From a business perspective, when you come in with a bad mindset it can really affect people’s view of you, sales, and their mindset. Everyone has bad days and bad mindset days! I have them all too often. I just don’t go posting all about it on social media anymore. It helps me to stay in that positive mindset and not bring in everyone to the negativity I may be feeling now. I have posted the occasional post that you can tell that I am super cranky but that really doesn’t serve any good. For most of us, our business is about building people up in all aspects of our lives and if you are posting bad mindset items how is that empowering you or your audience to be the best they can be? It isn’t right.

  • Don’t go into the FOMO attitude if your having a bad mindset day. That stuff will be there the next day.
  • Have someone proof the post before you post it.
  • Step away from the computer for a bit if your mood is getting worse by scrolling through the feeds.
  • Remember that you have a great life too when you feel a bit jealous about what someone else is posting about their life.
  • Be OK if you don’t have anything great to post.

My top tip for you is if you don’t want to see that type of status on someone else’s feed don’t post it on yours. It is ok to post you are having a bad day on Social Media, but it doesn’t have to be a daily occurrence. It was for a long time for me. It took work to get here so be kind to yourself as no one is perfect. If you really look at some of my past posts, you would be like who is this person. People want to help you when you are down and when you do good so make sure you are posting both! There are always people watching that want to see you positive and succeeding, so make sure you post that too.

There are other things to watch out for when you are using social media for your business. You are going to get trolls or haters. Everyone does. Don’t let someone who doesn’t know you or if they do know you change your mindset. You need to change your reaction to things being said. Don’t take things personally. It is not about you. It is about them. Remember if it is truly a negative thing there is block button for a reason. Use it!

There are also other applications out there that can block that negativity. Use them. Unfollow people that are too negative for your liking. You can always go look at their page. I have friends that I love to death but when their posts show in my feed, I get anxious and my mood changes. You must be proactive in eliminating the things that affect your mindset including your social media feeds.

If you are having a hard time don’t post it all over your Social Media statuses. Absolutely ask for support and help but do so in private. Use messenger – that is why we have that option. Create yourself a list of 10 people you can go to for support when that bad mindset hits. I also say you should put that list in a place you can see it so that you can reach out for support. I have some great people I have met through social media that give me huge support. I have that list because sometimes I forget to reach out for help. Reach out for help if your mindset become negative.

My two best tips for you when it comes to Mindset is think before you post and step away when your mindset is so bad it is spilling out all over your social media.

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