Motivation on Social Media

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Social Media can be a huge time-waster, but a few simple tricks and you can make the most out of that time. Social media is a powerful tool that when used in your life and business can be very effective and even relaxing.

Face it, either you love or hate social media. I don’t know about you, but I get sucked in and boom a few hours are gone. It can be a dark rabbit hole, or a big help for you and your business.  Instead of having to be “on” all the time. Take your time back and be happy to be on Social Media.

Social Media can be a huge time-waster, but a few simple tricks and you can make the most out of that time. Social media is a powerful tool that when used in your life and business can be very effective and even relaxing.

Here are some of my tips and tricks to stay motivated on social media without getting sucked in or overwhelmed.

  • Set yourself a time limit.
  • Set specific times of day you check social media so that you can be more productive and look forward to those times.
  • STOP scrolling mindlessly. Take a few minutes to read things when you find things interesting.
  • Have a goal when you get on. For example, check messages or interact in groups.
  • Have an objective for your overall social media visit. For example, getting visible or making new network connections.
  • Use social media to get answers to your business questions. For me, that is huge!
  • If you need to lift your spirit, remember social media can be a powerful support and motivator as well. I personally love inspirational quotes.
  • Make sure to have time where you just goof off. All work and no play even on social media can be a huge demotivator.

If you find that you have loads of negative comments in your feed, there are some things you can do to make it more positive. Make sure to weed out those who do not align with who you are by unfriending or unfollowing them. If it is someone you don’t want to do that to, try snoozing them for 30 days.

Social media is social so be social. People want more than just your business. They want to know you; which keeps them coming back and keeps you coming back to them.

Social media is about being social but don’t let it overshadow your actual interaction with people in-person.  I constantly must remind my kids to pull their heads out of the phone and look at me when I am talking to them. I also must remind myself to do the same. I find that sometimes it is helpful, that when we are doing a family activity, that we put the phones in a basket so that we interact with one another.

Social Media is a powerful tool for your life and business. Keep in mind it is a tool. Use it as a tool like your voice mail or even your email. You do not have to be attached to it 24/7. If you use it incorrectly it ends up being overwhelming and not an effective tool.

I remember when I was a kid, and someone called when no one answered they would have to try again later. Then came the invention of the answering machine. People left a message and then waited for the other person to call them back. While everything can be reached instantaneously, it doesn’t mean that you must answer right away. I get messages constantly that say sorry I did not answer sooner. The truth of the matter is unless it is an emergency, I am ok with a delayed response because after all, everyone has a life outside of social media whether they are using it for pleasure or business.

Social media can be demotivating, isolating, and downright overwhelming if you use it in the wrong manner. In fact, studies have shown that the more people interact only online the more it can cause depression and other illnesses. Take a moment and know that this is a tool for you to use socially and in your business and it is not “the end all that meets all.”

This is your opportunity to reach your ideal clients in a positive and empowering way. Social media is a powerful tool that can motivate you in your business and life when you follow a few tips and tricks.

Now go and enjoy!

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