My Motivation

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The last thing I wanted to leave you with is to stay humble and kind...

I have come back from drug addiction, alcoholism, homelessness and blindness, PTSD and TBI (traumatic brain injury). I have also been thrown out of the military for drugs and alcohol. But I re-enlisted and did over twenty years in the military before retiring as E-5 Promotable.

My motivation today is more about my death.? DEATH??? Yes, let me explain. I had two uncles who recently passed away. One was an average every day Joe. He kept to himself, really not achieving anything in life. Very few people showed up at his funeral.

My other uncle was a very loving caring Christian man who always put others before himself and lived to help serve others. His funeral was packed and we had to have more services to fit all the people.

As I sat there I thought of what Gary Vee told me “ YOUR LEGACY IS MORE VALUABLE THAN YOUR CURRENCY “.

So, as I turn 50 my motivation is to save a million lives and change the world.

My motivation is when someone suffering from depression or PTSD has a gun in front of them ready to pull the trigger – but gets a notification to watch my Facebook Live Show with someone else who has been through some crap; they listen to it and decide, if those guys can get through it, I can too! Then they decide to call for help and get treatment. There’s no price on that.

My mission is to help veterans and first responders live their best lives through my speaking and coaching.

The last thing I wanted to leave you with is to stay humble and kind. My uncle who was dying of cancer told me “son, at the end of every chess game The King and The Pawn ends up in the same box” So stay humble and kind.

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