Ninety Percent of Taking Action is Getting Off Your Ass

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Merely getting an adequate amount of sleep isn't going to be helpful. You need to be a peak performer as an entrepreneur.

90% of Action is Getting off your Ass!

Seriously! One of the biggest struggles is actually taking that first step — initiating that first action. Most folks do okay once they are moving. It might not always be the best possible solution, but at least they are doing SOMETHING. Honestly, I am not going to get into that in this article because there are tons of strategies out there (some are in this issue) on what to do once you take action.

You see, I have a great understanding of all the reasons why we fail at taking action because I’m so damned good at failing myself! If there is a way to self-sabotage, over-think, or procrastinate; I have probably tried it. But in the spirit of putting out positive actions steps and the urgings of my editor who doesn’t like the fact that all of my pull quotes seem to look like things you shouldn’t do, I’m going to offer some tactics that will help you (and me) do a better job of getting our collective asses out of the chair, sofa, or other horizontal object of posterior rest.

When it comes to taking that first step, a great deal of our problems are in our brains. Sure, there are some physical factors involved, but primarily the reasons why we struggle to overcome the inertia is a problem of the mind. Let’s dive into what I like to call (cue deep booming voice and echo effects) 6.7 Tactics for Getting off your Ass!.

Take care of yourself. Yeah, the first one IS physical. You need to be healthy, well-rested and well-fed (or at least caffeinated). You need to get a sufficient amount of sleep for you. I know some of you are out there saying “Oh I’m one of those people that doesn’t need a lot of sleep.” I am one of those people too, thank you very much. Merely getting an adequate amount of sleep isn’t going to be helpful. You need to be a peak performer as an entrepreneur. That means that you might need to exceed what you feel your standard four hours of sleep after binge watching something on Netflix while chugging Rum and Coke is. Diet is important too. Eat and drink enough to keep that body-engine running. I personally find taking a break for a snack is one of my biggest time wasters.


Being prepared to start your day is key. Having things laid out or having your task list prepared the night before is a game changer. It eliminates having to re-think through things and make decisions (again). That’s just another barrier to getting started. At the end of the day, you have been steeped in your work and it’s usually a only a matter of minutes to assess and decide the next steps for the following day. So, in the morning you know exactly what you must do! You just get up and go!

Be decisive

A big part of being successful (and tied to preparation), is having a clear path of action. Otherwise you are just spinning your wheels while you decide which action to take. Do your due diligence, then decide and move on! The relevant point is, that when we are indecisive, we get stuck in a cycle of analysis. And take no action.

Positive attitude

Remember when you were young, and you were going to the amusement park the next day or going to do something exciting? You had little trouble springing out of bed and getting on the road to do whatever it is that you needed to do, right? It should be the same for you in your business. If you’re looking forward to your day it will make a big difference in giving you that initiative or motivation to get your day moving.

Eliminate Barriers and Distractions

This one is huge! Too often we have poor routines and get easily distracted with things that we “have to do.” Granted, sometimes these ARE part of our actual job, such as posting and interacting on social media. But those can easily get out of hand unless you create limits.

Develop good routines

Developing and maintaining a good routine or schedule is a key factor in order to accomplish what you need to do. Routines give us a scaffold through which we can hang all the different things we have to do during the day. It helps reinforce habits and provides a structure to our day. Routines can also protect us from unwanted distractions, by sticking to a schedule and only doing those activities that are needed – at the appropriate time.


It’s much easier to take action when you have a greater purpose behind what you’re doing. Some people call it vision and others refer to it as their “why.” Whatever you want to call it, having that greater sense of purpose is a great motivator that keeps you moving and helps you to take action.

If you do some simple things, like get some decent sleep, follow a routine and decisively plan out your actions for the next day, you’ll be outta that couch in no time.

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