The Words of Your Successful Business


Your successful business is built on a foundation of words. The question is, do you have to get motivated to write them, or does the act of writing motivate you? Either way, writing is an essential tool you’ll need to master for your business and I have 10 secrets for you to help keep your powerful writing fire burning.

I’ve journaled since I was fifteen. Writing has always been a way for me to heal, express, vent, analyze, problem solve or just create. When it came to professional writing and writing for my business I had to move through a lot of this-isn’t-good-enough crap, learn the tricks of the trade, and then practice. That practice led to blogs, books and website copy that started to feel good and purposeful.

But there was something much more important that happened that turned my lack of motivation, doubt and fear into prolific writing juju. And I want to share those secrets with you so that crafting awesome words for your business makes you all tingly inside instead of feeling that dread.

10 Tips for Staying Motivated and In the Flow to Write

Always be yourself

If you’re trying too hard to write what you think others want to hear it comes off as fake and icky. Don’t do that. Be yourself. Authenticity is the name of the game. We want the full-on, awesome you.

Don’t overthink

Writer’s block is a myth. It happens because you started thinking too much. Stop that. Ask yourself this instead: What am I feeling right now? And write from that place instead. As soon as you catch yourself analyzing too much, stop and take a deep breath.

Feel something

As a sequel to number 2, you now have to feel what you intend your reader to feel. So, please, feel something good. You’re excited about your message, right? Great! Conjure that up when you sit down to write, and we’ll feel that energy in your words. Afraid your words aren’t good enough? Guess what we’ll feel? Fear.

It’s good enough

It’s you, so it’s good enough. Your unique life experience and knowledge makes it so. Don’t let the fear of not-good-enough stop you from writing. Hey, that’s what proofreaders, editors and copywriters are for anyhow. Just get your ideas out. You can perfect the words later.

When you’re writing is something we start to feel, we’re hooked. And if we’re hooked, we click to read more, we click to hire you, we click to sign up…and that will get you hooked on writing more!

Your words will change the world if you're brave enough to share them.

Write for yourself first

Sometimes the best ideas come from a form of free writing or journaling. Just sit down and write. No rules. Write about what you see out the window or something that happened to you today. When you get into the flow like that most likely you’ll begin to be inspired by something else or something new.

Time your writing

Set a timer and write. When you have a time limit you’re more apt to get and stay in the flow of an idea.

Write a love letter

One of the best things to do for your business is write a love letter to your ideal client. Go ahead, get all gushy on us. Tell us how you feel about working with us, why it turns you on and what matters the most to you about what you do. Tell us how you want us to feel. Writing directly to your ideal client will help you get into the vibe. I love writing my email newsletters like this every week!

Write like you talk.

In fact, if you hate to type or write, then dictate your writing and have it transcribed. The best writing is the kind where the reader feels like they’re having a face-to-face conversation with you.

Schedule your writing time

When your writing is finished it feels great. So, you need to schedule this like any other task during your day. My best writing and creative time is in the morning. Find your groove and then get that blocked off on your calendar. It will be something you begin to look forward to.

Write about what you love

Think about the best parts of what you do, how you help people, what you create, what you make, what service you offer…and write about that in detail. Bring us into our senses. What do you see, hear, smell, taste and touch when you’re doing what you love? When you’re writing is something we start to feel, we’re hooked. And if we’re hooked, we click to read more, we click to hire you, we click to sign up…and that will get you hooked on writing more!

And…what was that thing that happened to me? I figured out that writing is just a really cool way to express my voice, my message and my badassery to the world. I figured out that my fear of not-good-enough was boring, because if my writing helps one person to change their life, then it’s worth everything. It’s really not about you anymore. Your words will change the world if you’re brave enough to share them. That’s motivating! Now…go write!