Using Passion to Fuel Your Business

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Let’s be realistic. As an entrepreneur, you are gonna spend an awful lot of time in your business. If you are going to spend that much time, you need to stay motivated.

Its 0430 and life sucks really hard right now. My fingers are all but bleeding, my muscles have cramped and I have been up for almost 24 hours. I have a scant few hours to finish the project before it needs to ship, in order to make it to the client in time for Christmas. Well, shit! here I THOUGHT I might make it to bed by 2am. I take a second, pause, and reflect on the situation. Then I smile. Yup, I am sure as shit happy right now (ok, content is more accurate) because I can embrace The Suck. I can own my shit because its MINE to own and its fueled by my passion. I put myself in this situation and despite it all, I am happy.

The reason is simple. I am passionate about what I do. It helps me to push through things. It motivates me to face the bullshit stuff I don’t want to do (Taxes, administrative crap).  It helps form my vision and keeps me on the path of my true self and what I love doing. I am passionate about creating cool shit that makes people happy.

Now don’t get me wrong. You can’t eat or spend passion. I am a veteran and we are practical as shit. No, Passion is the FUEL, but maybe not the vehicle that can drive your success. It’s what will keep you going. It helps to motivate you. Let’s look at the definition. Passion: intense, driving, or overmastering feeling or conviction.

It’s all about connecting what you love with something that other people want. You might need to be creative. You are an entrepreneur, you will find a way. Maybe it is only a side gig, but you’ll be happy and make some money that makes your 9-5 tolerable. Maybe someday it will be your full-time company.

Let’s be realistic. As an entrepreneur, you are gonna spend an awful lot of time in your business. If you aren’t actually doing your business, you are probably thinking about it. In fact, I bet you just paused and sorta reviewed what you need to do today or tomorrow. If you are going to spend that much time, you need to stay motivated. And loving something you do is a pretty strong motivation.

Loving what you do also serves some other useful purposes. It helps you focus on what is important. Too often entrepreneurs are chasing the money, not the dream or the vision. Sure, that works to an extent, but don’t be surprised if you start hating what you do. You might start resenting the hard work you are putting in.  Money, like many other resources, is just a tool. It is not an end. Use it well. In the end, you might not be as rich, but you will be happier for following your passion.

Passion is great for keeping you focused on your purpose or mission and helps you make sure that what you do is passion/mission-oriented. You are more effective and efficient because that gives you that laser focus and helps you to work harder to accomplish those goals. Who cares if you are working longer hours if you are happy doing it? Along these same lines, passion drives you to always move towards that bigger overarching vision or goal.

Passion puts you in touch with your true self. You can’t get much truer than believing in something so strongly that it drives what you do daily. Through that, you can really understand what it is you are made of and what you are about. It is very much like your WHY.

I know what you are thinking. “How about a reality check huh? It kinda sounds sort of all touchy-feely.” Well, I am not gonna bullshit you. Passion is a powerful thing, but it is not all sunshine and doughnuts (and I love doughnuts). For one, that laser focus can make you narrow-minded in your strategy. It can blind you to other opportunities. It can be a bit consuming. I once spent half a vacation making leather stuff because I love to do it so much. The point is to direct it, to use it to fuel the fire in your belly. Because with that driving you, you can get shit done.

Passion is a strong and powerful element in our arsenal that can only bolster your success. Look at what you love and use it to motivate and fuel your success!

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